You Are Your Biggest Obstacle to Business Growth

“I always see a large growth in my paycheck after a burst of personal growth,” Julia told me.

Julia Does MLM

A little over two years ago, Julia Prescott, my daughter, became a representative for JuicePlus, a health product sold using multi-level marketing. Julia is a lawyer and MBA who before giving birth to our two beautiful grandbaby boys worked in the wealth management industry.

She tried going back full-time after the first baby. That didn’t work. Then she tried part-time. That didn’t work either. Then came Henry, the second son, and she couldn’t make wealth management work at all. But Julia loves people and loves to serve them. Kathy and I had been using JuicePlus for quite a few years, and Julia thought this might be a good opportunity for her to start her own business.

We Snubbed Her

I know what you are thinking. Our whole family was thinking the same thing. In fact, the first people who got the high-pressure pitch were all her siblings. Then she turned to Kathy and me. We all snubbed her. None of us wanted to be a part of her network. So much for family support.

Early in her business’ life, Julia went to a one-day JuicePlus distributor conference in Atlanta. Kathy and I watched our grandchild for her. When she picked up Charles, she was pumped.

MLM conferences have that effect on their distributors. She started telling me what an incredible opportunity it was for her. And if her siblings would just sign up, “It would change their lives.”

Stop Bugging Us!

It was probably a bad time, but I had to tell her, “Stop bugging your family. Find somebody else who will sell the product. None of us want to do it. You are creating a negative impact on your relationship with your brothers and sister.”


We had it out. She picked up the baby and stormed out of the house. I felt terrible, but somebody had to tell her.

Julia Doubles Down

She calmed down and realized it wasn’t personal. She doubled down and started to talk to other successful JuicePlus distributors.

They told her how to start building her business. “Family is fine,” they said, “but they will never do enough to build a real business for yourself.”

Cold Calling Starts

This was when I observed her first level of personal growth. She started making cold calls. She called people she knew and asked to meet with them. Most of them turned her down flat. But a couple over time said, “Yes,” and joined her distribution network.

The first year was tough for her. Year two was even tougher. I knew if she could make it through year two then she had a chance.

She did it. She learned to move beyond family and friends. She is now selling and recruiting more broadly with a sharpened pitch. She is calling on her next circle of network and even beyond.

I’m Proud of Her

I am so proud of her. She is lightning smart and loves people. She also gives a great testimonial on how the JuicePlus product has changed her life and the lives of her kids. She believes not only in the product but in the business. She now has a vision she is working toward.

Building a business, whether an MLM or tech startup, is all about personal growth. You have to get past who you are and become who you must be to keep going when everyone, including your father, tells you to leave the family alone. You have to keep growing to meet each breakthrough which will always yield a new level of business success.

I know. I’ve watched her do it every week.

I asked Julia what she learned about starting her own business. She said, “Business is strange. I discovered my biggest obstacle is me.”

Go, Julia!

If you are interested in connecting with Julia, send her an email.

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  1. Thank You For Sharing This Great Enterprnuer, She Is A Good Role Model Who Can Tranform Others.
    Tis Is Good To Lern Dealing With Creating Busness And Dealing With Family.
    Thank You For Blessing Me This Is What I Will Share With Young Girls Here.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts all the way from Uganda. I wish you God’s blessing on your new business. Youth Ablaze was an amazing event!

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