You Can Be Back-Pain Free

Just Like Me

On my first visit, Kathy Mulherin asked, “If we work together, what would be your best outcome?”

I thought for a second and said, “If I can ride my motorcycle and have no back pain. If I can play 18 holes of golf and not have to visit the chiropractor. If those two things happened, I would be thrilled.”

Fast Forward Two Years

It took over a year of doing the exercises she prescribed for me, but my dream came true. I am pain free. Playing golf. Riding motorcycles.

I found Kathy through a friend who read a blog post describing my back pain. I had just canceled a bucket list ride on Route 66 because I couldn’t stand up straight. A friend read the blog and sent me to Kathy. I’m like a kid again. Instead of thinking about what I won’t be able to do because I’m getting older, I’m thinking of doing what was once unimaginable.

Flying to Pete Egosque

The friend who referred me to Kathy told me an amazing story. This friend has a former business partner who had back problems since his forties. He is now in his early seventies. He tried everything from chiropractic to acupuncture and everything in between except surgery.

A couple of years ago, he was in such pain he couldn’t straighten up to walk. He found out about the Egosque posture method and decided he had nothing to lose. It was his last hope before surgery.

Being a wealthy man, he didn’t want to go to a franchise; he wanted to see Pete Egosque, the founder, who lives in San Diego. So he rented a private jet to fly there because there was no way his back could handle sitting on a commercial flight.

After one session, he experienced such relief he flew back commercial. Pete Egosque referred him to Kathy Mulherin who is the local Egosque expert in Atlanta. He no longer experiences any back pain.

Why I Went to Kathy

Before I went to see Kathy, I was in desperate straits. I had stopped playing golf and faced no longer riding motorcycles. She changed my life. I’m back full bore to both activities.

I am receiving no financial benefit from writing and publishing this endorsement. I write it because I know there are many of my readers or their loved ones who are quietly suffering from back pain. Like me, they tried it all and have either learned to live on ibuprofen or, even worse, more serious pain killers.

Egosque Method Works, Really!

You don’t have to live like this. Give Kathy a call. If you’re like me, you’ll find relief in an hour. No gimmicks. No pills. Just some simple exercises she prescribes specifically to correct posture issues you’ve had all your life and didn’t know it.

Thanks, Kathy, for giving me my physical freedom back!

You can contact Kathy Mulherin at 678-596-0321. Her site is

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2 thoughts on “You Can Be Back-Pain Free

  1. Charlie, thank you for writing this post! Based upon your testimonial I reached out to Kathy and am seeing similar results. The exercises provided by Kathy (the Posture Girl) are giving me strength, flexibility and healing. I would not have known about her without your blog post. Thank you for paying it forward!

    • Hal: Glad I could help you find Kathy. She is terrific. The key to continued flexibility and success is doing the exercises. This means making them a priority in your life. I am currently doing a bit of backsliding and paying the price. Continued success!

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