What’s Your Code of Conduct?

“You have been living by a code, a code of conduct, for the last 18 years. When you leave the Marines, you will discover most people don’t have a code of conduct,” I said. I was talking to Lee, a man who has dedicated his adult life to serving his country as a United States […]

I’m Not Worthy

“Usually the bullets going past your head make a popping sound. These were coming so fast and furious, there were so many of them, all I heard were swishes,” said Captain Matt, a United States Marine. I was invited on a pheasant hunt to South Dakota by my friend John Warren. John is the Chair […]

8 Must-Have Traits for Every Startup Board

Startups have a short time to achieve sustainability or else die. You must have the best founding executive team and the best founding board. Be selective. Here are 8 critical attributes to look for. 8. The board members must care for both you, the entrepreneur, and your family. 7. The board members must be compelled […]

When Are You the Most Fulfilled?

The first High Tech Ministries’ board meeting with Jason Smith as president and me as chairman was wrapping up. We concluded our business, and I said, “We need to end this meeting as we started it. We need to pray.” As I started to pray, Jason Smith said, “I’ll close us in prayer.” While Jason […]

How to Know If You Are a Real Entrepreneur

“Stop evangelizing and start selling!” I blurted out in a board meeting recently. Entrepreneurs are in search of big problems to solve. I believe this is what separates the entrepreneur from the business person. The very first step in starting a business is to define the problem you aim to solve. If there is no […]