Andrew Young on How the World Is Changed

Recently I was given an incredible gift. I had the opportunity to spend four hours with Andrew Young. His list of accomplishments is long. To list only a few, he was a pastor, a close associate of Martin Luther King, Jr. during the civil rights movement, a U.S. Congressman from Georgia, and was appointed by […]

10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs plus Today’s Question

10. For the entrepreneur intent on success, the real money comes by staying the course. Go deeper in your expertise, set the pace, and expect good things to happen. 9. Sometimes God gets our attention by eliminating what is the focus of our attention and time. 8. You should live inside the industry you intend […]

George Washington: The Ideal President

As I walked around Washington D.C., I began to notice how George Washington continues to be venerated. It wasn’t because of his great victories. Or that he was our first president. It was because of his greatest accomplishment. When faced with the prospect of unlimited power, fame, and wealth, he chose to resign. He walked away […]

Startup Gates and Beyond

It took me 35 years to discover these Five Gates to Turning Your Idea Into a Successful Startup. If you enjoyed this series, share it with a friend. To catch up, go to “We need a common language. We need a methodology we believe in and follow,” said my friend Mike who leads a startup […]

10 Rules for Hiring the Right People for Your Startup

10. Equity is the startup’s currency. 9. In the early stages, key people demand more equity. 8. People are an easy expense to add but hard to maintain. They are an even more difficult expense to eliminate. 7. Big contributors are always expensive. Reduce this expense by trading equity for salary. 6. The smart founder […]

10 Thoughts on Becoming a Successful Entpreneur. Plus Today’s Question.

10. Stick to what you know and where you are successful. The wandering eye only sees the target in hindsight. 9. Keep doing what you are really good at and you’ll always build a valuable business. 8. John Wooden, “Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you.” 7. Your […]

4 Must-Have Traits for the Entreprenuer Searching for Angel Investment

Today everyone who has the desire to start a new business is an entrepreneur. If you can put together a one-page executive summary, a slide deck describing the opportunity, and a vision for the idea, you think you should be able to raise money. Not so fast. Although many are entrepreneurs, not every entrepreneur can raise money […]

10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs and Angels. Plus today’s question.

10. There must be a connection between the entrepreneur and the potential investor. 9. Starting is the presence of hope, and ending is the absence of hope. 8. Decade-long relationships are more valuable than money. When I’ve made this mistake, I’ve lost. 7. The entrepreneur’s best advisor spends more time on encouragement and less on […]