The Power of Speaking Hard Truth in Love

I’ve received a lot of support from family and friends since my friend Regi died. My friend Phil texted, “I hope you’re doing well. What an incredible week you’ve had. I hope Grayson is doing well as well as mom, dad, and little brother. I hope Regi’s celebration of life went well yesterday and that […]

My Writing Is Not That Good

Did God ever use you? I was. And it was overwhelming. I went to my friend Regi’s funeral yesterday. So many people came up to me and said, “Thank you for writing that tribute to Regi. It was really well done. I passed it on to so many people. And my friends thought it was […]

Welcome to the Family, Grayson

On February 4, 2020, at 11:54 PM, Grayson Thomas Hamilton came into the world. Kathy and I are blessed with our fourth grandchild. Our fourth boy. He is so beautiful. Kathy called me at 2 PM that day. I was in a meeting with a client talking through sales goals. She gave me the news, […]

Life Happens…Fast

Early yesterday morning, I lay in bed looking at Kathy as she slept. I remembered back to Denver in early June 1977. We were just married. I saw us packing the car her dad gave her for our wedding. It was a Saab. Kathy called the color “baby puke orange.” Weird color aside, it was […]

My Friend Regi Died Last Night

My friend Regi died last night. Kathy told me the moment I woke up this morning. She said with such sadness in her eyes, “Regi died last night. I am so sorry.” He is now fully immersed in the supernatural. He would experience it from time to time while here on earth. His stories and […]

To Love Is to Disagree

“You know we can disagree,” he told me. I was at a Christian retreat called Souly Business. I asked one of my table participants a question about the talk we’d just heard. When he answered me, I said, “I don’t believe you are telling us the whole story here.” Then I gave my opinion on […]