Do You Know Your Why?

I wasn’t going to ask this question. But when John, the entrepreneur I was talking to, asked it, I realized this was the perfect way to end our conversation. I simply sat back and listened. It was clearly a question he wanted to answer for himself. John started a company from scratch four years ago. […]

4 Steps to Achieving Life Convergence

Here’s what I’ve discovered about life stages. Every 20 years, we go through the “reimaging your life” process. Stage one is focused on establishing and building a career. This stage occurs right after college. Stage two pivots to meaning. This occurs in the late 30s to early 40s. Like stage one, it is marked by […]

10 Thoughts on Entrepreneurial Success with the Question of the Day

10. Every successful founding team has the right blend of industry experience and functional skills.  9. First and foremost, you need employees who intuitively know how your target market works, thinks, and buys. People buy from people who understand their business. 8. Think of your early investors as co-founders because cash is oxygen.  7. If you […]

10 Thoughts on Evading Fatal Entrepreneurial Addictions

10. There are three addictions the entrepreneur must fight: funding, sales, and product. 9. The funding addict is consumed with raising the next round believing that will solve business problems. 8. The sales addict’s problem is out of control spending. As sales increase, hiring increases right along with it. 7. The sales addict never gets […]

For Entrepreneurs: 14 Critical Thoughts on Maximizing Your First Round Investment

14. Don’t wait for a term sheet. Come to a handshake agreement before getting lawyers involved. 13. Having lawyers involved will give you confidence the deal is done right. This is peace of mind worth the tie and money. 12. Don’t finalize the deal until after your lawyers write it up. 11. If you do […]

5 Steps to Wealth Building Made Simple

This is part of an ongoing series about how to build wealth. To receive the rest of the posts in this series, go to and subscribe. If there is a recipe for wealth building that I’ve observed to be most successful over the years, it can be best summarized with these five steps. Five […]