12 Thoughts on Why Confrontation Is Good and Necessary

1. Confrontations are necessary to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. 2. Confront before resentment destroys you. 3. When resentment has taken root, the relationship has already begun to be destroyed. Act beforehand to prevent this from happening. 4. Potentially relationship-ending confrontations must only be done with prayer and preparation. The stakes are too high […]

What’s Your Code of Conduct?

“You have been living by a code, a code of conduct, for the last 18 years. When you leave the Marines, you will discover most people don’t have a code of conduct,” I said. I was talking to Lee, a man who has dedicated his adult life to serving his country as a United States […]

I’m Not Worthy

“Usually the bullets going past your head make a popping sound. These were coming so fast and furious, there were so many of them, all I heard were swishes,” said Captain Matt, a United States Marine. I was invited on a pheasant hunt to South Dakota by my friend John Warren. John is the Chair […]

8 Must-Have Traits for Every Startup Board

Startups have a short time to achieve sustainability or else die. You must have the best founding executive team and the best founding board. Be selective. Here are 8 critical attributes to look for. 8. The board members must care for both you, the entrepreneur, and your family. 7. The board members must be compelled […]

When Are You the Most Fulfilled?

The first High Tech Ministries’ board meeting with Jason Smith as president and me as chairman was wrapping up. We concluded our business, and I said, “We need to end this meeting as we started it. We need to pray.” As I started to pray, Jason Smith said, “I’ll close us in prayer.” While Jason […]

How to Know If You Are a Real Entrepreneur

“Stop evangelizing and start selling!” I blurted out in a board meeting recently. Entrepreneurs are in search of big problems to solve. I believe this is what separates the entrepreneur from the business person. The very first step in starting a business is to define the problem you aim to solve. If there is no […]