Moving From Achievement and Recognition to Sharing and Relevance

“I feel like I am committing professional suicide,” I told Kathy, my wife. I just finished a meeting with my friend and fellow High Tech Ministries board member Mike Morris. Mike is a brilliant consultant and is advising HTPB about board organization, terms, and rotations. As part of this discussion, we talked about me rotating […]

A Mistake Too Many First-Time Entrepreneurs Make

Recently I was reminded of a mistake first-time entrepreneurs too often make. It’s a costly mistake that is not usually realized until changing course is no longer an option. By the time they realize it, the window of opportunity has slammed shut. Failing entrepreneurs are often too product focused. The thinking is, “If I had […]

What Does the Other Person Want from Me?

“What do you think your grandmother and grandfather want from you?” Lucas asked. I was at dinner with a Brazilian friend who was visiting from Boston. His son, a third-year student at Duke University, is planning to attend medical school and become a doctor. Lucas (not his real name) told me, “When I asked my […]

Can I Live with Doing Nothing?

Do you have a friend who sees right through you? I do. His name is Regi Campbell. Here’s what happened. We were coming out of a board meeting which ended late as usual. Regi was rushed as usual. I walked him to his car to have a little extra time to catch up. We talked. […]

Are You Worth It?

I am in the process of discovering my purpose for my next stage of life. Stage one was about establishing myself in an industry and occupation. I graduated with an accounting degree which led me to a CPA firm and then quickly into the early stages of the packaged software industry. It was perfect timing. […]

Business Determines Society’s Morality

“How many of you would be interested in learning more about impact investing?” I asked 35 angel investors attending last month’s Angel Lounge at the ATDC. Once this was a topic I was totally uninterested in, but times change. Recently, my son David asked if I would edit his superbly written paper on “The Business […]