10 Thoughts for the Wise Entrepreneur with the Question of the Day

10. Love, honor, and commitment: Required for a good marriage and required for a successful business. 9. The successful entrepreneur surrounds herself with smart people who will argue with her. 8. Entrepreneurs do what mere humans cannot. They compel others to make their vision a reality. 7. Keep doing what you are really good at […]

Expand Your Identity

Billy Morton got me thinking about identity. He told me a story of how he quit his football career at Penn State just as he was entering his sophomore year. He was a scholarship athlete with a pro career within his grasp when he quit. He said, “I did not want football to be my […]

10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs with the Question of the Day

10. The real risk for the entrepreneur is not money; it is their self-esteem, their identity. 9. Keep doing what you are good at and you’ll always build a valuable business. 8. The wise entrepreneur seeks advice from someone who has been there and done that. 7. If you are a mentor, advisor, or friend, […]

What Is Your True Identity?

“I met for breakfast with Coach Joe (Paterno) and told him I was leaving the program,” said Billy Morton (not his real name). “You were leaving a full scholarship at Penn State? You were leaving a highly respected D1 football program? You were giving up on the possibility of a professional football career?” I asked […]

11 Truths About Cash Every Successful Entrepreneur Knows

11. A startup is in survival mode until it achieves consistent and predictable positive cash flow. 10. Cash is oxygen for the startup. Without oxygen, everything dies. 9. There are two cash management methods. First, don’t spend it. Second, find someone to give it to you. 8. Not spending cash is a finite exercise because […]

What Is Your Legacy?

“I have been journaling for over 25 years,” said Mike, a long-time friend. “I want my writings to be available to future generations. Who knows how what I wrote might help them in some way.” “It sounds like you are concerned about your legacy,” I observed. Mike is now in his late seventies. I have […]

Andrew Young on the Secret to Growing Old

Recently I was given an incredible gift. I had the opportunity to spend four hours with Andrew Young. His list of accomplishments is long. To list only a few, he was a pastor, a close associate of Martin Luther King, Jr. during the civil rights movement, a U.S. Congressman from Georgia, and was appointed by […]