Uganda Conference: Lessons Learned

I’m sitting at breakfast. It is Saturday morning, the day after the Youth Ablaze Conference. In four hours, I will be facilitating a leadership conference. I was told it will be two, two-hour sessions. I’ve done nothing to prepare. I’m all alone and feeling a real sense of peace. The conference is always a grueling […]

Uganda Day 1: From Tears to Triumph

It was Monday, September 2, and the conference was getting into full swing. I was scheduled to give my kickoff presentation at 1 pm. Kathy and I showed up and were escorted into Kampala International Christian Center (KICC). Something was off. There was an eeriness in the air. I was just not comfortable. I started […]

11 Thoughts on Failure for Entrepreneurs

11. Pay attention to failure. Learn from it. Embrace the pain. Then move on. 10. Unwillingness to concede failure guarantees its repetition. 9. There are two great predictors of failure: Downtrodden dejection and preening arrogance. 8. The dejected flounder because they never look up. 7. The arrogant fall because they never look down. 6. The […]

Evil exists, and it wants me!

“So what are the topics you’ll speak on at Youth Ablaze this year?” asked my friend Paul. My mind froze. Paul asked, “Are you still there?” What he didn’t know is that I’ve been thinking about what I am going to talk about for a couple of months. I decided to focus on “The Five […]

Do You Know Your Why?

I wasn’t going to ask this question. But when John, the entrepreneur I was talking to, asked it, I realized this was the perfect way to end our conversation. I simply sat back and listened. It was clearly a question he wanted to answer for himself. John started a company from scratch four years ago. […]

4 Steps to Achieving Life Convergence

Here’s what I’ve discovered about life stages. Every 20 years, we go through the “reimaging your life” process. Stage one is focused on establishing and building a career. This stage occurs right after college. Stage two pivots to meaning. This occurs in the late 30s to early 40s. Like stage one, it is marked by […]

10 Thoughts on Entrepreneurial Success with the Question of the Day

10. Every successful founding team has the right blend of industry experience and functional skills.  9. First and foremost, you need employees who intuitively know how your target market works, thinks, and buys. People buy from people who understand their business. 8. Think of your early investors as co-founders because cash is oxygen.  7. If you […]