10 Challenges of Being a Successful Entrepreneur. Plus Today’s Question.

10. The more people you put between the entrepreneur, the decision maker, and the market, the longer it takes and the more money required for success. 9. The wise entrepreneur seeks out the angel with a community development mindset knowing they will stay involved for the long haul. 8. For the true entrepreneur it’s not […]

10 Thoughts for Success in Life and Business (Plus Today’s Question)

10. The further away the entrepreneur is from direct knowledge of the problem, the more assumptions must be made and the greater the likelihood those assumptions will be wrong. 9. The founder focused on capital will lose to the entrepreneur focused on business growth. 8. The greater the success, the greater the vulnerability for the […]

Gate 1 For Making Your Startup a Success: Define the Problem

“Yes. That is a big problem,” I said to myself. I was at Flashpoint presentation day. Flashpoint is an accelerator here in Atlanta located just off the Georgia Tech campus. It was founded by GT professor Merrick Furst. Merrick is relentless in his pursuit of helping startup entrepreneurs discover the market which, in his words, […]

10 Thoughts for Success in Life and Business. Plus Today’s Question.

10. When you finally commit to the startup, bad things inevitably happen, but the startup moves forward each day. Stay focused. 9. People want to make, sell, and support stuff that has meaning to them. 8. Football as compared to business and life: “Nothing matters less than the score at halftime,” Dabo Swinney. 7. Knowing […]

5 Gates to Turning Your Idea into a Successful Startup

“Here’s my advice on moving from idea to startup,” I answered. I was just leaving the Thursday lunchtime Bible study at the Atlanta Tech Village. While in the hallway on the way to the lobby, he called to me, “Hey, Charlie. I have a question.” Rob is a brilliant young man, Christian, and programmer for […]

This Year’s Conference Is Bigger Than Ever

20,000 Attend While Millions Listen

As I write this, I am four speeches in on “The Seven Super Powers of the Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur.” Kathy has given one of her two talks to the women at the conference. Yesterday I finally met the Ugandan team which named their business Paparelli. They are amazing and have created six new businesses in […]

An Entrepreneur’s Success Depends on the Quality of Their Questions

What I Learned From My First Months as a Paid Coach

When I decided to get into coaching entrepreneurs, I had some high-minded ideas on how I wanted to help. I learned that what I think they need and what they need are two different things. I thought they needed holistic advice on business, family, and faith. After all, it is clear to me these three […]

Why You Must Know the How

Profits Are Made (or Lost) in the How

I was talking to one of the original franchise owners of Waffle House. He grew the franchise in the Southeast to 58 stores before eventually selling out. Before buying the franchise for a single southern state, he knew nothing about the restaurant business. But he did understand the analytics of the individual stores over time. […]

5 Steps to Finding the Right Business Partner

How to Know You’ve Found “The One”

“I am not going to join you unless we can become partners,” I said to Richard Brock. I was a twenty-two-year-old with no experience in business and lots of ambition working as a junior accountant in a CPA firm. Was I nuts saying that? When I think back to that moment, I can’t believe I said […]