Life Advice from a Navy SEAL

“Just don’t quit,” said my friend Tore Knos. He was giving me a tour of his home in Venice Beach, California. While in his home office, I saw a picture of him posing on one knee with his rifle in hand looking sternly at the camera. Dressed in green fatigues, camouflage Boonie hat, combat boots […]

Gate 4: How Much Will They Pay to Solve the Problem?

It took me 35 years to discover these five simple principles, or gates, to becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you enjoy this series, share it with a friend. To catch up, go to “We seem to be getting an awful lot of interest from service bureaus who provide business voicemail services,” said Jamal, my salesman. […]

10 Reflections for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. Plus Today’s Question.

10. There is no shortcut to discovering how to sell and deliver your product. You need to do it yourself. 9. Building a business is both a natural and a supernatural endeavor. 8. The successful entrepreneur resiliently believes she is on the two-yard line and only a Hail Mary pass away from the big win. […]

10 Thoughts for Success in Life and Business (Plus Today’s Question)

10. The further away the entrepreneur is from direct knowledge of the problem, the more assumptions must be made and the greater the likelihood those assumptions will be wrong. 9. The founder focused on capital will lose to the entrepreneur focused on business growth. 8. The greater the success, the greater the vulnerability for the […]

Downside of Public Exposure

“Why did you remove the comments section from your blog?” I asked. My friend is an avid blogger. He writes to entrepreneurs, and his blogs are filled with great stories and wisdom. I connect with his writing on so many levels. I used to enjoy writing comments on his blog to add a bit of […]

Thoughts on Success in Business and Life

This year is about to expire. Next year is a new beginning. Use the rest of this year to reflect and plan for the next. Here are a few thoughts to consider. 10. It is personal effort and commitment, rather than the safety net of employment, that eliminates risk. Rarely do you see a hard worker […]

A Man on a Mission

An Entrepreneur Turns Adversity into Opportunity

Karim grew up in Queens, New York, the second of seven children. His father died just as Karim turned 15 when they became welfare recipients. Karim’s family was in poverty, and now he was to take on the mantle of man of the house. I met Karim at a presentation I gave at Points of […]

Are You Executing the Strategy That’s Right for You?

Never Forget Personal Goals When Planning Your Company

“Why do you want to build a company?” I asked my friend. My buddy is nearing retirement. He is a gifted product manager and entrepreneur who is very close to his market. He has come up with products all his life which changed the way people did business, making them more efficient and more profitable. […]