What’s Your Reading Plan for 2018?

My Game Plan for Getting Through More Books

I was visiting with an executive who is focused on innovation for an F500 company. In his lobby, I discovered a bookshelf full of books on leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal and corporate execution. Lost in Books I picked up The Circle of Innovation by Tom Peters. I knew the author because he was the consultant […]

How an Article in Fortune Changed My Life

On a business trip in 1986, I was flipping through Fortune magazine, and I came across an article about Ronald Perelman. Here’s how the article began. REVLON CHAIRMAN Ronald Owen Perelman has a penchant for contrasts: a tangy personal life and the practice of Judaism, fancy restaurants and junk food, earsplitting rock music aboard his […]

Why Many Entrepreneurs Are Like Love Starved Teenagers

Yesterday Kathy and I went to get headshots done by a professional photographer. We will be speaking in Uganda again this year, and we needed to update our pics. During our photo session, I asked the photographer who he photographs. He said, “When I got started, I wanted to photograph professional models. I saw it […]

An Entrepreneur’s Most Important Resources

4th in a 5-Part Series on the Building Blocks of a Successful Startup

Two and a half years into my new business as a professional angel investor, my friend and wealth manager, David, dropped in for a visit. We caught up on our families, golf games, businesses, and the community. It was great to see him, and I really enjoyed his company. Then he dropped the bomb on me. […]

Daily Action Focused on Your Vision Delivers Success

2nd in a 5-Part Series on the Building Blocks of a Successful Startup

I was sharing my idea of starting a private equity investment business with my friends and mentors. I had some encouragement, but most of them thought it was a dumb idea. Here is a sample of the feedback I received. “You’re not an investor. You are a CEO. Do what you do best.” “Are you nuts? […]

What Stage Is Your Startup Idea?

1st in a 5-Part Series on the Building Blocks of a Successful Startup

“When did you first get the idea?” I asked. He answered, “It was six years ago while I was working for an investment banking firm.” “That’s interesting. My idea came to me five years prior to starting my business,” I said. It takes time to think through, research and test your idea. Click To Tweet […]

Necessary Tension Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Balance

“You’re not making money,” I said. “But I am trying to make an impact,” replied Mike, an entrepreneur friend. I met Mike six years ago. His idea was a B2C services business which I believed had too many moving parts. In other words, too many things had to go right to make money. From Meager to […]