Thoughts on Success in Business and Life

This year is about to expire. Next year is a new beginning. Use the rest of this year to reflect and plan for the next. Here are a few thoughts to consider. 10. It is personal effort and commitment, rather than the safety net of employment, that eliminates risk. Rarely do you see a hard worker […]

A Man on a Mission

An Entrepreneur Turns Adversity into Opportunity

Karim grew up in Queens, New York, the second of seven children. His father died just as Karim turned 15 when they became welfare recipients. Karim’s family was in poverty, and now he was to take on the mantle of man of the house. I met Karim at a presentation I gave at Points of […]

Are You Executing the Strategy That’s Right for You?

Never Forget Personal Goals When Planning Your Company

“Why do you want to build a company?” I asked my friend. My buddy is nearing retirement. He is a gifted product manager and entrepreneur who is very close to his market. He has come up with products all his life which changed the way people did business, making them more efficient and more profitable. […]

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

Two Thrive...But How Does the Third Survive?

“He is not winning pitch contests anymore,” said my friend and fellow angel investor. I was in a discussion on the startups we’ve seen over the last year. I haven’t seen the entrepreneurs or heard from many of them in a while. I was wondering what happened to them. “What do you mean by that?” […]

Day One with Cancer

“Your prostate biopsies came back positive. You have prostate cancer,” said my urologist. Two weeks ago I had the biopsy procedure done. Yesterday as I was heading back to the doctor, I thought to myself, You need to stay in the present, in this moment. Jesus told you to focus on today as tomorrow has enough […]

My Candidate Lost the Election

But Won What Matters Most

It was an election night party. We had just learned our candidate, our leader, lost the election. The whole room grew quiet. All 500 of us specially invited guests. Quiet. It was eerie. And the room stayed quiet for what seemed like a long time. Then there were whispers, and people started to talk again. […]

10 Friday Thoughts on Life, Success, and Being an Entrepreneur

From My Notebook

Several thoughts have impressed themselves on me. Some I’ve jotted down and others not. Thoughts not written are soon lost. Thoughts lost are lessons lost. Lessons lost must be learned again. And so I write. Here are a few thoughts not lost. 10. The wise entrepreneur says, “I don’t have a lot of time for […]