“Who me? Of course not! Never!”

5 Truths About Pornography

It is available everywhere. It is legal. It takes seconds to become addicted. There are no outward symptoms after someone uses. It destroys relationships between men and women. It kills your relationship with God. “Turn that off. It’s pornography,” Kathy says as I am watching a TV show. “No it’s not,” I say to her. […]

10 Friday Thoughts For Success in Business and Life

From My Notebook

This week our startup community lost Reggie Bradford, a great man with an impeccable reputation. He loved God, his family, and his community. We’d all do well to follow his example. As I’ve been reflecting on life and work, here are 10 things I’ve jotted down. 10. What is the secret to being inspired at […]

How Greatness Comes From Taking Things Seriously

Serious Preparation Brings Major Change

Paul Judge stepped in to lead Venture Atlanta this week. His business partner, Alan Nance, who was this year’s chairman for the event, took ill with the flu. Having had just a day to prepare, Paul began his speech. In his introductory remarks, he explained why he was at the podium instead of Alan. After […]

10 Thoughts on the Entrepreneurial Life

From My Notebook

I love entrepreneurs. They are at the heart of what makes our economy great. They see a goal and push for it. Nothing stops them. They sacrifice themselves, their egos, their time, and their energy to see success. Here are 10 thoughts to inspire and encourage you in your quest for entrepreneurial greatness. 10. Good […]

3 Ingredients for Getting Time on Your Side

Entrepreneur vs. Sales Cycle

Years ago I was the president of a company which held the patent for storing and forwarding faxes. Our salesmen would start a conversation with a prospect by saying, “I’m here to talk to you about your fax problems.” The prospect would respond, “I don’t have any problems with fax. I dial a number, wait […]

Deciphering the True Art of Selling

Entrepreneur vs. Sales Cycle

“You’ve been selling all your life. I need your help. Do salesmen sell or do customers buy?” I asked. I had just finished a meeting with one of the most experienced entrepreneurs I have had the honor to know. He started with my first startup in the early 1980’s as a salesman. Back then, he […]

The Once in a Lifetime Experience

When the Magic Is Now

“All it takes is all you’ve got!” the inscription read at the end of the dedication. I was digging through boxes in our closet looking for some long-lost motorcycle parts. I unearthed a plaque which I received from my salesforce when I left my first startup. Here is the inscription on the plaque: Presented to […]

Master’s Love of His Craft

This Is the Definition of Magnificent Art

“Why are you laughing at me?” William asked with seriousness in his voice. “I’m not laughing at you. I am grinning in appreciation of how much you love what you do,” I said. Kathy and I love to shop at this jeweler who is located in another city. I make it sound further away than […]

The Secrets of Preparation and Practice

Two Critical Ingredients for Lasting Impact

I’ve found there are three steps to delivering an effective speech. First is understanding the organization and audience so I can get to an interesting topic. Second is preparing the speech. Third is practice. Having done this for a long time, I’ve found these steps are critical in preparing and delivering a presentation with lasting […]