Success Blinded Me to My Employees’ Needs

“Do you believe in vacations?” my head of customer service asked me. It was a little after 7 pm, and Mike and I were walking to our cars together to head home. We talked about how overwhelmed he was given the torrid pace of our sales organization. Our software company had the timing just right, […]

Right Board Members Essential For Success

“This isn’t the way a board should operate!” exclaimed my fellow board member. “What’s the problem?” I asked. “A board of directors shouldn’t be discussing detailed operational topics like this. We should be reviewing proposed strategy and the associated budgets,” he said. You must have the best founding executive team and the best founding board. […]

Do Your Employees Cry on the Way to Work?

“Sometimes I cry on the drive to work,” said Teresa. We’re were talking about how strongly she felt about working at Chick-fil-A corporate. Teresa works on a team in the cafeteria preparing lunches daily for over 3,000 people. “Why do you do cry?” I asked. She said, “This is such an amazing environment, and it is filled […]

What Can Crush the Entrepreneur on the Brink of Success?

I was contacted by the daughter of an entrepreneur who worked with me in the 1980’s. The last time I saw her she was just about to graduate from the University of Georgia. She is now married with two kids and, this past January, started a new business called Swatchpop. Swatchpop helps consumers solve decorating dilemmas. […]

Make Them Captains of the Patrol Boys

Empower Millennials with Responsibility

Sister Mary Dorothy looked at me and said, “I would like you to be the captain of the patrol boys. Are you willing to do it?” Enthusiastically I said, “Yes!” I was in sixth grade at St. Paul’s Catholic School in Jersey City, New Jersey. Up to that time, I shunned leadership roles even among […]

The Sad Reason Many Entrepreneurs Fail

3 Secrets To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can feel like the loneliest job in the world. This is true for two reasons. First, you have no boss to protect you. Second, everyone you talk to is on the defensive because they feel like you are selling them something. Loneliness is the reason many entrepreneurs fail. Not because the business is […]

The Case For A Cofounder

I am working with an accomplished sales executive who has a vision for starting a professional services business. He has industry knowledge, selling skills and solid relationships to sell the services. But he does not have the skills to deliver and run the day-to-day business. This entrepreneur has missing ingredients. That said, he could choose to be a solo […]