How to Develop an Eye for Leaders

“I need help building leaders,” I said to Seth Barnes, an angel investor, business adviser, author, and founder of Adventures in Missions.

Seth spends his life looking for and developing leaders from the workplace to the mission field worldwide. He is good at picking leaders. I’m even jealous of a couple of angel deals he is invested in. He has a good eye for leaders.

I had to ask Seth my leadership questions.

In my capacity as president of the Atlanta High Tech Prayer Breakfast, I am looking to engage those with high potentials into leadership roles. The ministry has historically been run by a couple of highly engaged people. Now I am one of those. But I want to change that. I want to move the ministry out to the community. I need leaders.

“What is the best way to identify great leaders?” I asked.

He said, “I go with the goers.”

His answer was simple, yet profound. I had to sit down after I heard it.

“What does a goer look like?” I asked.

“Come on, Charlie! Do I really need to explain this to you?” he chided me.

He was right.

I’ve been an entrepreneur and investor all my life. All of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with are goers. The people I look to invest in, the people I am attracted to, are all goers. They are people who are on the move, engaged, working hard to accomplish something every day.

Five Traits of a Goer

  1. They don’t wait around because they are opportunity seekers.
  2. They see what needs to be done and do it.
  3. They have eyes for people who need help and help them.
  4. They charge into any leadership void which they run across in their homes, businesses, and communities.
  5. They are seen by everyone around them as leaders.

To build a great organization, go with the goers.

Thanks for the wisdom, Seth.