10 Friday Thoughts For Success in Business and Life

From My Notebook

This week our startup community lost Reggie Bradford, a great man with an impeccable reputation. He loved God, his family, and his community. We’d all do well to follow his example. As I’ve been reflecting on life and work, here are 10 things I’ve jotted down.

10. What is the secret to being inspired at work? Your work life becomes your life work.

9. For every goal you set, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Otherwise, there’d be no need for a goal. Push on!

8. Pursue intimacy with co-founders, investors, and employees and you will have best friends for life.

7. The greatest temptations are power, pleasure, and popularity. Fall victim to these, and you’ll never build a great company. Nor a great life.

6. Every day is a new day. Forget yesterday. Focus on the present. Tomorrow will have cares of its own.

5. My prayer for a friend headed for trouble, “May he get to the end of himself before he gets to the end of his life.”

4. Leaders are defined by the fact that they have followers.

3. If you are lenient in your purpose then you are leaving your purpose.

2. An entrepreneur is someone who sees a trend developing and takes action to his advantage.

1. The secret of success is working on the right problem at just the right time.