Who’s at the Top of Your Business?

Some time ago I met with an entrepreneur who created a thriving business. Like all entrepreneurs, he is captured by the business emotionally, intellectually, physically and financially. He is all in all the time.

He called me for help. He needed to discuss problems that were hindering his next stage of growth. After understanding the issues, I gave him my best advice, and I thought we were done.

God in Business

He had one more topic to discuss. He said he has been going to an ashram and was finding a sense of peace there that he had not had before. He finds it takes him out of the daily grind and gives him the ability to meditate, clear his mind and relax. His question was, “How do I take this into my business?”

I asked him what he learned from this experience. He told me that, as a scientist, he is coming to realize there is definitely something or someone bigger out there that is controlling it all. While he feels all alone as the founder and CEO, he is not alone.

You Are Not Alone

He is not responsible for all that goes right or wrong with the business. There is a god, and he is bigger than his business. This thought, that he is not in control, gave him a sense of peace.

This realization will lead to a change in his behavior, which will change his business. That’s how you bring “god” into your business.

The questions: “Is there a God? Can I know God personally?”

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