God’s Vision for My 2016 and Beyond

I asked God what I should be doing in 2016. The answer I received from God while in prayer isn’t a list of goals I must accomplish. The answer is the beginning of a vision for my life, for the rest of my life. Here is what God told me.

And God Said

“You must strive to understand my vision for the people I want you to go deep with. Guide them. Help them in their business and in their lives. These are men of great influence I will use to build my Kingdom on earth. It is not about you but all about them.

“See the ambition I have given them. See the gifts I have given them. See the relationships and credibility I have given them. See the potential they have. Help me, help them.

“My vision for your life is as an advisor and not a leader. You are to intercede for these men. Advise and protect them. You are to continue at the ATDC.

“Who will you counsel and mentor? The men I send to you. You will know them when you meet them. In the meantime, you will meet many men and women whom you will influence for me. But you will only go deep with a select few.

“Kathy will help you in this work. She understands people. She has a gift. She sees their needs and deeper desires. Her perspective is different from yours. She is a wife and mother. She will give you godly advice to follow. Involve Kathy in these relationships. This is your ministry together.

“You don’t have these people’s ambition. But you have a heart and relationship with me to keep them morally centered as they achieve the ambition I’ve given them.

“Your work is not to be promoted. Trust that the right people are already in your life and new ones will come. I will send them. Trust me.

“The balance in your life comes through family and friendships. Family and friends are the basket of love and affection I have placed you in. They are the manifestation of my love for you. Spend time with them. Be with them.

“There is no hurry to any of this. Live healthy. Be with family and friends. Give advice, and be a counselor and mentor. Do a little of this every day.

“Stay close to me in prayer, intercede for others, and read and meditate on my Word. I will guide you.

“Trust me,” He said.

From this vision, this message, I must discern my goals and priorities from week to week and day to day. I am clear. There is much to do and just the right amount of time to get it done. No hurry. Just vision, purpose, and peace while surrounded by people who love me.

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