Help Me!

“I can help you stretch out after you finish on the elliptical,” Stephany, my personal trainer, offered.

She had just finished with a client and was about to leave for her next gig but wanted to do me a quick favor as she saw I was almost finished with my workout.

“No, thanks,” I said quickly.

“I am not going to charge you for it. I just want to help,” she explained.

“No, thanks. I’m okay,” I said.

“Come on,” she urged. “Let me stretch your hamstrings. It will help your back. You have to do it anyway, and I have the time and want to help you.”

“Okay. Thanks,” I finally relented.

My Journey in Trusting

My reaction to her offer bothered me for the next few days. I knew she wanted to help. I knew I needed the help. But my immediate reaction was to deny her gracious offer. How many offers of help am I turning down every day?

A few days later, I was holding my fourteen-hour-old grandson, Henry, in my arms. He was completely at ease while I snuggled him. This gift from God is so sweet and beautiful. (I am the grandfather after all.)

Henry came into this world a couple of weeks ago, and so he is completely dependent. He is the polar opposite of me on the dependence scale. He needs everything done for him, and he screams at you until you do it. I have needs, too. The difference is I have the attitude, “I’ll do it myself.”

Moving from Accept to Ask

This is screwed up thinking. I need to graciously accept people’s offers of help. In fact, I should go a step further and ask for help. And you know what? I bet they’ll do it.

This will result in a healthier me. Healthier relationships. And a healthier life.

So when someone offers help, I am going to stifle my immediate, “No thanks.”

I’m going to say, “Yes. Thanks for the offer.”

Gotta go. Henry needs help! It won’t be long before Henry is offering to help me because I’m going to need it. You know, the circle of life and all that.

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3 thoughts on “Help Me!

  1. One of your best post. I am the same way. After I broke my back God is teaching me many things. I can’t do everything and I often times need help. Really it’s good got the receiver and the giver. We are following Jesus when we offer and receive help.

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