Intro: Apply the Entrepreneur’s Mindset to Everyday Life

This is a series on how to get your life back on track and achieve your goals.

I was recently asked to speak to the Kennesaw Business Association. The current president set a unique theme for the year. It is something very few of us do unless we are forced to do so. His theme: Reimagine your business.

This got me thinking.

What about reimagining my life?

When did I ever do that?

I started to recall the times I was forced to do this reimagining. It was never pleasant, but it always turned out for the better. In fact, I am at one of those points now, and I’m scared, almost frozen.

Reimagining business is easier because it is far less personal. In business reimagining, we think in terms of market, customers, products, competition, and delivery. We focus on the questions, “What business are we in? What business should we be in?”

But I find the more difficult challenge is personal. The personal reimagining question is: “Should I keep doing what I am doing, or should I change?”

This is a frightening question.

Answer “No” and you are off the hook. You just keep doing whatever it is you are doing. Answer “Yes” and you are taking the first step on a journey with an undefined destination.

This series of upcoming articles will focus on the journey of reimagining your life. I believe the steps of personal reimagining will also help those readers who are looking to reimagine their business. The steps are the same. I am choosing to tackle the more difficult of the two, personal reimagining. But you’ll see these steps apply to your business, too.

The hardest part of the life reimagining process is beginning. The younger you are, the less threatening. The older you are, well, it’s really hard. In either case, I have only met a few people who entered the process voluntarily. The rest of us get dragged into it whether we like it or not.

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7 thoughts on “Intro: Apply the Entrepreneur’s Mindset to Everyday Life

  1. Charlie, Once again you are on point for many of us. Those of us 60-70 are really beginning to confront that very question about retirement. What is retirement? Does anyone really want to retire.

    This reimagining is also important to the 40-50s of us. OK this is what I have done, this is what my family is doing, this is what my kids are doing. Isn’t there more to life than we have done or are experiencing.


  2. Hey Charlie!

    A great timely topic for me personally (yes, it is all about me! – haha). I look forward to your series! Thank you for taking the time to share your life’s insights!


  3. That’s a fantastic question, and I look forward to seeing what’s to come with the next article. At 60, I still make an effort to learn new things and to improve myself professionally and personally. Do I do enough of that? Should I think of going in a totally different direction in some way?

    I was asked recently about the possibility of retiring. My answer was that if you had asked me that question 10 years ago, I would have told you I would already be retired by now. My answer today is that I don’t think I will ever retire. There’s just too much interesting stuff with which I want to be involved. I know I’ll have to slow down at some point… but I’m hoping that I’m not forced to anytime soon.

    • When I started in angel investing I was 40. I remember my goal was investing in 20 companies over the next 20 years. When I got to 60 I realized I accomplished the goal and then some. So I started thinking, “What’s next?” These are exciting times but we are also entering another stage of life. This is what this series I am writing about is leading to. I am speaking about my re-imagining life at 40 as a reminder of what I went through then. Now I’m in the re-imagining again. Are you?

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