Is 37 Too Old to Start My Own Business?

Never Ignore Your Heart

“It is the perfect age to become an entrepreneur!” I’ve said this so many times over the years to men and women who shared with me their secret desire to start their own business.

I struggled with this the entire time I was working for someone else, whether it was a corporation or another entrepreneur. In my heart, I was supposed to be an entrepreneur. I was supposed to start and lead my own company.

I remember the struggle I went through, the difficulty of waking up each day knowing I wasn’t doing what I should be doing. I was submitting to my fear and not my calling.

I was trusting in the traditional path of corporate security versus the path of uncertainty. At 37, I had the wife, the kids, the house, the cars, the tuition. I also had a great job with a terrific title, broad responsibilities, wonderful people, and an amazing income. But I knew I was supposed to be an entrepreneur.

I asked the question, “Is 37 too old to become an entrepreneur?”

The answer to this question surprised me for two reasons.

First, I learned it was not too late. I needed to be true to myself.

Second, I started an investment business and not an operating company. I was called to become an investor and not an operator. I’ve been investing in startups for 24 years.

My best returns came from people just like me who became entrepreneurs in their mid to late thirties. I believe this is the lowest risk time to start your new career as an entrepreneur.

7 Reasons 37 Is the Right Age

1. You have worked in an industry for 15 years. You have an unconscious understanding of how the industry operates. You now carry the industry’s DNA.

2. The idea you have is right for the industry, and the timing is right because you know the industry.

3. You understand intuitively who the buyer is, what motivates him, and what he fears.

4. You have business experience. You know the disciplines of following, leading, marketing, and selling. You’ve been around.

5. You have a network. You are known. Vendors, potential clients, and those critical first employees will follow you. This makes for a fast start.

6. Your family is at just the right age. You are married and have learned to be responsible for someone other than yourself. Your children are under seven and still on your schedule versus you being on theirs.

7. Starting your own business is a dream you have kept hidden all your life. You know in your heart of hearts it is now or never. The passion and vision are perfected in you.

Yes. Thirty-seven is the perfect age to start a business.