Entrepreneurs Create Opportunity and Share Excitement

“God gave me a vision for a new rotary internal combustion engine,” he said.

“Really? Tell me about it,” I said.

“I was taking the trash to my garage, and out of nowhere I got this vision for a rotary engine,” he said.

Five months later, we started a company to design and build that engine.

This conversation took place over ten years ago in the community room at the ATDC. I remember it like it was yesterday.

What Entrepreneurs Do

They tell you about something that doesn’t exist but could exist. It is a reality only they see.

They describe the possibilities.

They capture you with their dream. You begin to see it. Imagine it. Embrace it. It awakens all your senses.

Then you ask the question which indicates you are in, “How do we get there?”

Great entrepreneurs create a gap. They stand on Point A with you and describe Point B.

The gap of opportunity.

The gap of making a difference in the world.

The gap which brings fame and fortune.

The gap which will change your life no matter the outcome.

I follow entrepreneurs who create gaps.

See. Speak. Excite.

I wish I could say I had invested in them all. I didn’t. Most of the time, my practical nature and limited funds caused me to pass on the opportunity. It is an opportunity to close a gap.

In my estimation, the men and women who speak these visions, who create gaps of opportunity, are the real entrepreneurs. They have a special quality about them.

They see. They speak. They excite our imagination.

They give us hope for a brighter and more interesting future. Entrepreneurs make us want more.