What I Learned in 2015

If you are living, you’re learning

Here’s what I learned in 2015.

  1. I fought God almost every step of the way except when I desperately needed Him.
  2. My biggest enemy is my desire for comfort.
  3. My biggest desire is for fulfillment by helping others succeed.
  4. Rely on the Holy Spirit. It is the closest I will ever be to God on this earth.
  5. Prayer was one of my greatest weapons in helping me and others succeed.
  6. When I do more for others, it leaves less time for the people who mean the most.
  7. If I start something rather than just think about it, the energy goes into the creating versus the worrying about it.
  8. I have great people in my life. They believe in me far more than I believe in myself.
  9. It is good to prepare but only when the last step in preparation is handing the result over to God.
  10. Clear purpose helps me say “yes” and “no” at just the right times.
  11. I never regret the time I spend with my family even if I think I don’t have the time.
  12. Eating right and exercising provides for health, optimism and a ton of new ideas and the energy to pursue them.
  13. Write it down. Don’t just think about it. This clarifies what God is saying to me. He is always talking. I need to take notes.
  14. Sixty-two is a new phase in life. I gave more thought to eulogies than industry presentations.
  15. People are more important than ideas, strategy and startups.
  16. Commit your goals to writing. It works.
  17. Think in terms of seasons rather than calendar quarters. It puts life into God’s perspective.
  18. Travel with Kathy gives me a macro view of life. The conversations we have when we are away are just different, bigger picture if you will. They bring us closer.
  19. Immovable weekly deadlines work for me. I deliver when I commit to people.
  20. Owning a second home is great. Not owning one is greater. Far less stress and I can rent it back when I want to use it.
  21. Public speaking. God always gives me great content and brings together just the right people to hear it. The fun is in the learning we do together.
  22. When I get involved in too many things in one week, not one thing is done well. It gets done but leaves me exhausted and unfulfilled.
  23. When I eat the same, I weigh the same.
  24. Regular exercise increases my energy, idea generation and self-esteem. Also, I sleep better.
  25. My default is to consume and not create. Practice creating.
  26. I really enjoy riding my motorcycle. (I bought a new one in December.) I thank my Rabbi of Fun, David Nour, and my son, David, for reinvigorating my interest in the sport.
  27. I realized golf just does not do it for me. I love the camaraderie on the course but not the golf so much. Six hours is a big bite out of a day.
  28. I must apply what I learn and not just learn.
  29. Pick a partner. Be accountable when starting something new.
  30. Stay in close relationship with family and friends. It is hard, but do it anyway. The richness in life is in these relationships.
  31. Familiar environments are a breeding ground for bad relationship habits. Get out of town together.
  32. I like it when people come to visit. My first reaction to this is negative (selfish), but I love it when they are here.
  33. There is a spiritual battle going on in all our lives (Ephesians 6:10-12). There is a God, and he is good, and there is a Satan, and he is evil. To deny this battle is happening around me leaves room for Satan to walk right in and take over.
  34. Today is the day the Lord has made. Let me rejoice and be glad in it. He made this day, and it is mine to enjoy or destroy. My choice.
  35. I am so proud of our children. They choose great people to hang with and make good choices in life. Kathy and I will continue to pray for them daily.
  36. Health is a gift from God to be enjoyed today. Right now. I have observed when health goes south, it is all demanding and consuming.

Welcome, 2016. The learning continues.

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