Life Happens…Fast

Early yesterday morning, I lay in bed looking at Kathy as she slept. I remembered back to Denver in early June 1977. We were just married.

I saw us packing the car her dad gave her for our wedding. It was a Saab. Kathy called the color “baby puke orange.” Weird color aside, it was great to have a new and fully paid car to start our marriage.

Kathy and I put everything we owned in it and still had room to spare.

Off we went to Atlanta. Across Kansas, through Missouri, then on to Tennessee, and finally Marietta, Georgia. It was our first trip after our honeymoon and our first automobile trip together. It was 1,400 miles and felt like we were driving forever. Today, looking back, I wished it never ended.

I remember hitting Tennessee and Kathy crying out, “What happened to my hair?”

“That’s called humidity,” I said.

We laughed.

So how did all this happen? This life filled with men and women and children?

I try to answer this question, but it is difficult. Back then, I was so focused on the day to day priorities, it all happened too fast.

At the end of that long cross country trip, we pulled up to my condo, our condo now.

I thought, This is the beginning of our life together.

I had no idea what God had planned. And that was before either of us even knew God. But He knew.