10 Real-World Truths for Startup Founders

10. The successful entrepreneur’s story just makes sense. No hyperbole. When the investors hear it, their reaction will be, “That not only make sense, but it can be a great business.” 9. The successful entrepreneurial story has three parts: market discovery, doable solution, and (critically) the entrepreneur’s uniqueness. 8. You know you have a great […]

This Makes Life Worth Living

“What was the highlight of the trip to Uganda?” asked my friend Ellen. I’ve been back from Uganda and the Youth Ablaze Conference for two weeks. I did not take the time to process the conference and all that happened. It’s been rolling around in the back of my mind, and I know if I’m […]

Tell-Tale Signs of Addiction

“There is a time in life when you have to change the way you drink. I think it is about age 26. You have to move from drinking like Animal House to drinking like James Bond,” Bill said. When Bill, who is in his mid-thirties, said this to me, it got me thinking. I love […]

Are You a Creator or an Advancer?

In reading the book of Psalms in the Bible this morning, I see where the artists of the past got their inspiration for the great works they created. It would take them months or years to create ageless works of art. This means they spent months or years thinking about the same three verses from […]

10 Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Success While Staying at Peace

10. Raising money takes the same care as defining your go-to-market strategy. 9. When going to market, you need to know who will be most interested in buying your product at your price point. 8. When looking for investors, your product is your company’s stock. 7. Every investor, whether they are family, friends, angels, VCs, […]

Forget Your Core Values

“We’ve moved from core values to virtues,” said Mike, the founder’s executive assistant, as we walked to the CEO’s office. “I don’t understand. Booster has been the epicenter of a values-based business for as long as I have known you guys. Chris, your founder, is the one founder and CEO I would go to if […]

Uganda Conference: Lessons Learned

I’m sitting at breakfast. It is Saturday morning, the day after the Youth Ablaze Conference. In four hours, I will be facilitating a leadership conference. I was told it will be two, two-hour sessions. I’ve done nothing to prepare. I’m all alone and feeling a real sense of peace. The conference is always a grueling […]

Uganda Day 1: From Tears to Triumph

It was Monday, September 2, and the conference was getting into full swing. I was scheduled to give my kickoff presentation at 1 pm. Kathy and I showed up and were escorted into Kampala International Christian Center (KICC). Something was off. There was an eeriness in the air. I was just not comfortable. I started […]