Business Determines Society’s Morality

“How many of you would be interested in learning more about impact investing?” I asked 35 angel investors attending last month’s Angel Lounge at the ATDC. Once this was a topic I was totally uninterested in, but times change. Recently, my son David asked if I would edit his superbly written paper on “The Business […]

She had me at “Hello!”

We met and fell in love. And all she did was open the door. Here’s how I got to that front door. “Do you want to go on a blind date?” asked my client Jared. “My friend has a girlfriend coming to town from Crested Butte. Her name is Connie. Why don’t you join us […]

10 Thoughts for the Wise Entrepreneur with the Question of the Day

10. Love, honor, and commitment: Required for a good marriage and required for a successful business. 9. The successful entrepreneur surrounds herself with smart people who will argue with her. 8. Entrepreneurs do what mere humans cannot. They compel others to make their vision a reality. 7. Keep doing what you are really good at […]

Expand Your Identity

Billy Morton got me thinking about identity. He told me a story of how he quit his football career at Penn State just as he was entering his sophomore year. He was a scholarship athlete with a pro career within his grasp when he quit. He said, “I did not want football to be my […]