10 Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Success and Today’s Question

10. Growing too slowly increases the risk of missing the opportunity to grow big. 9. The founder brings credibility to the company by owning a good brand and having a good reputation. 8. You need employees who intuitively understand how your target market works, thinks, and buys. People buy from people who understand their business. […]

Andrew Young on How the World Is Changed

Recently I was given an incredible gift. I had the opportunity to spend four hours with Andrew Young. His list of accomplishments is long. To list only a few, he was a pastor, a close associate of Martin Luther King, Jr. during the civil rights movement, a U.S. Congressman from Georgia, and was appointed by […]

10 Thoughts on Success for Entrepreneurs plus Today’s Question

10. For the entrepreneur intent on success, the real money comes by staying the course. Go deeper in your expertise, set the pace, and expect good things to happen. 9. Sometimes God gets our attention by eliminating what is the focus of our attention and time. 8. You should live inside the industry you intend […]

Life Advice from a Navy SEAL

“Just don’t quit,” said my friend Tore Knos. He was giving me a tour of his home in Venice Beach, California. While in his home office, I saw a picture of him posing on one knee with his rifle in hand looking sternly at the camera. Dressed in green fatigues, camouflage Boonie hat, combat boots […]

George Washington: The Ideal President

As I walked around Washington D.C., I began to notice how George Washington continues to be venerated. It wasn’t because of his great victories. Or that he was our first president. It was because of his greatest accomplishment. When faced with the prospect of unlimited power, fame, and wealth, he chose to resign. He walked away […]