5 Gates to Turning Your Idea into a Successful Startup

“Here’s my advice on moving from idea to startup,” I answered. I was just leaving the Thursday lunchtime Bible study at the Atlanta Tech Village. While in the hallway on the way to the lobby, he called to me, “Hey, Charlie. I have a question.” Rob is a brilliant young man, Christian, and programmer for […]

Forget the Resolutions

What I’m Doing Instead of Resolutions “Sit down at the table. I have an assignment for you,” I told my two daughters. It was December 30, 1991. My daughters were ten and eight years old. My son David was only three, so he was not yet old enough to be part of this assignment. My […]

Make Next Year Even Better

From My Notebook Just days from now a new year begins. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be successful. Here are a few thoughts that keep coming up as we head into next year. Keep your own journal. The thoughts God gives you should not be wasted because of forgetfulness. 10. […]

Thoughts on Being a Successful Entreprenuer

10. Impossible things are possible. Really. They just require breakthrough thinking combined with unheard of tenacity. 9. Achieving success is all about succeeding while maintaining who you are. Stay true to yourself and your values. That’s a win. 8. Not everyone is an entrepreneur. Cherish your calling. 7. The first day of the week is […]

Downside of Public Exposure

“Why did you remove the comments section from your blog?” I asked. My friend is an avid blogger. He writes to entrepreneurs, and his blogs are filled with great stories and wisdom. I connect with his writing on so many levels. I used to enjoy writing comments on his blog to add a bit of […]

Thoughts on Entrepreneurial Success

From My Notebook Here are a few thoughts from my notebook.  10. If you are clear on your vision, you’ll come to a strategy which gets you to your vision. 9. Validate your technology: “Will it work?” and then, “Will it matter?” 8. The wise entrepreneur says, “I like learning how to do things.” Fulfillment […]

I Slept Like a Baby

I feel anxiousness taking over my mind and emotions. I am alone, watching TV, at 10 pm in a room in the Margaritaville Resort on Hollywood Beach. I came to visit my sister before the holidays. It’s been a great day. I rode my Harley in from Gainesville, Florida. Sunshine and clear roads all the […]

Thoughts on Success in Business and Life

This year is about to expire. Next year is a new beginning. Use the rest of this year to reflect and plan for the next. Here are a few thoughts to consider. 10. It is personal effort and commitment, rather than the safety net of employment, that eliminates risk. Rarely do you see a hard worker […]