Pastor Elijah Teaches Me an Important Lesson

“Did God ask you to approach these men?” he asked.

I was speaking to my friend and mentor Pastor Elijah Sebuchu. I’ve written about him in the past, most notably when I talked about his philosophy “relationships are better than meat.” Pastor Elijah is all about relationships, but he’s also a man of prayer.

Become a Man of Prayer

As you know, I’ll be speaking at the Youth Ablaze Conference in Uganda next month. The conference will have over eight thousand delegates attending. It is a big deal and has a hefty price tag.

The presentation preparation and fundraising are time-consuming. I’m doing it this year but had what I thought was a great idea for next year. So I approached Pastor Elijah.

“Next year we should have a team of presenters go to Youth Ablaze,” I said. “I know a handful of terrific entrepreneurs who would do an amazing job presenting. In addition, we can spread the fundraising for the event among each of these presenters.”

I thought this was a great idea and expected to be met with an equal level of enthusiasm.

Busted by Pastor Elijah

Then Pastor Elijah asked, “Have you prayed about this? The conference theme is ‘Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurship.’ Are these men and women called by God to present to these future leaders of Uganda?”

He continued, “You must pray first. Ask God before you ask these men and women. They must be chosen by God to do this, not by you.”

He was right. I had not prayed about my idea. I was busted!

This is the way Pastor Elijah operates. His first step is always prayer, and my first step is always action. I need to reevaluate my next step.

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Elijah Teaches Me an Important Lesson

  1. I remember getting the same advice from YOU Charlie several years ago about my desire to bring a certain Pastor to your bible study – you told me to take it to God and do what God told me to do. I celebrate this relationship you have that is better than meat – lasts an eternity with truth preservatives! You are a man of prayerful action moving the world. I celebrate you too.

    • Walt, I always tell this story when I am asked how I met Pastor Elijah. Thanks for honoring God and bringing him to the study. Think of all the lives you changed. Not only in Uganda but here in the USA. Obeying God that one morning changed my life forever! Thank you for being His servant. love,charlie

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