Please Pray for Me

Youth Ablaze 2016

Every morning I go to my quiet office and ask Jesus to bless my time with Him. I start by reading my devotional and write down a sentence or two capturing what I learned. Then I move on to reading the Bible, and finally I pray.

Every day I pray for my family, the people I’ll meet that day, and all those I know who are in need of prayer.

Every day I pray for you, dear reader, that God will bless your life. That God will help you achieve the goals He has for you. That He will help you take the next steps in business and life that He desires you to take.

I pray that God will give me wisdom to write the words you need to hear. To inspire, encourage, and most of all, help you become all that He wants for you.

Youth Ablaze 2016 Conference

Kathy and I are headed to Uganda in early September to speak at the Hands of Love Youth Ablaze 2016 Conference. There will be 8,000 young leaders ranging in age from fifteen to thirty. They will come from all over east Africa. Our topic is “Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurship.”

I believe God is telling me to speak on the topic “Getting out of poverty.” I know what you are thinking. What does Charlie know about poverty?

So far I’ve read three books to get me thinking about it—A Call to Conscience, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and Out of Poverty. These books are connecting me to the issues of generational poverty, racism, identity, morality, education, leadership, and overcoming hopelessness.

I Am Overwhelmed

Quite frankly, I’m overwhelmed. On previous trips to Uganda, I have seen poverty up close. Poverty means ten people sleeping on a dirt floor in a mud hut with no water, no electricity, and no food.

What could I possibly say to someone that can help get them out of this condition? That is my challenge with the topic God gave me.

So I ask for your help. Participate in the presentation with me. Pray for me over the next two months.

If you would like to make a financial contribution, go to Hands of Love USA. Please indicate in the donation notes that your contribution is for Youth Ablaze. The funds are used for security, sleeping mats, water, and food for the attendees.

Will you pray for me?

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2 thoughts on “Please Pray for Me

  1. Father, thank You for yet another day of life. You are God and I am not. You are awesome, holy, righteous, loving and pure… and I can be that way because Your Spirit lives in me! Thank You Jesus for paying my debts so I could have the Holy Spirit and a relationship with the Father. And thank You for Charlie who has and continues to submit to You. I pray Father that You use Charlie at the Youth Ablaze conference. Help Charlie to set aside his spirit and his words and allow Your words to come through him. Protect him from the evil one who desires to confound and confuse. Open him up to needs of those he is speaking to and help him to empathize with their plight. As well, open the hearts and minds of those he is speaking to and let them be inspired by Your Word alive in Charlie. I pray the light of the world (Jesus) shines BRILLIANTLY that day, and that You are glorified by Your work in Charlie that day. Amen!

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