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We now have a comments section at the end of each article. I added it because this site is building a community which is not only interested in reading my ideas but also in sharing their ideas.

I published the first article on April 1, 2015. Since then, I have published two articles per week. That’s 86 articles to date. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think I had that many stories to share.

I had a neighbor of mine, who is an executive with FedEx, ask me, “Are all the stories you write true?”

I said, “Of course they are true. I am not clever enough to make this stuff up.”

He said, “Keep writing, and I’ll keep passing them on. Your stories are having an impact.”

This short conversation was a great encouragement. In fact, since inception, I have received emails, texts and phone calls after each article. This one-on-one feeback needs to be shared with the community at large. Here are three types of comments I’ve observed.


These are people in the community who simply tell me the article hit home for them. In other words, it had an impact and they passed it on. This means the world to me. When I share stories about life and business, I am hoping they not only impacted my life but they can also help others improve their life in the retelling.


Early on I had a message from a reader in Germany, “Yeah, one’s relationship with an imaginary friend is important in business. Please. Spare me. If you’re making ‘business’ decisions based on that, you are setting yourself up for some serious problems.”

I loved it. He shared from the heart. He shared his belief system, and it was antithetical to mine. It gave me an opportunity to talk further with him. To share why I believe what I believe. If he hadn’t disagreed, we would never have had the dialogue.


Some people in our community read one of my stories and it fires a memory. I have had dozens of people share their stories with me as they related to what I wrote.

After reading these stories, I often think how great it would be for the rest of the community to read them. Your stories impact me. Now, with comments, you can impact the entire community. Even if it benefits just one person, it is worth the time to share it.

I encourage you to jump in and comment. Encouragement, disagreement and your stories all are good. Let’s grow this community together as we help each other succeed in business and in life.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

17 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts With Us

  1. Charlie,
    I started writing while going through a very difficult personal time in my life. The words flowed out of my desperation and dependency on God to see me through. Afterward, I wrote a book from all my missives. My editor told me to write what I know and allow others to decide what they will do with it. He encouraged me to be true to myself. I, too, was not clever or smart enough to make things up. I lived what I wrote.
    Thank you for being so transparent. I, too, often send on to my husband and son who have related to your writing. Keep it up and thank you!

    • Thanks Marcia. I appreciate the encouragement and also appreciate you passing these articles on to family and the Whitefield community. charliep

  2. Charlie,
    First off, thank you for this request. I have wanted to comment, however, wondered if my small business and the experience gained over 36 years would have any impact. Of course – I know there are gems to share – and so having the invitation to comment on your helps me to take a needed and wanted step out to, hopeful, help others. Your stories are educational, idea generating, and of high spiritual quality. I look forward to future stories and even reflected iterations of old stories.

  3. Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for requesting feedback as there are articles I can fully relate to and others I’ve learned from.

    I came to know about you from my best friend, colleague, and former business partner Norman Garrett. Of course I was fortunate to get to meet you when I inspected your current residence. I appreciate being included in your list to receive your blogs.

    I would welcome hearing about your experience with entrepreneurs who were successful at one time but were never able to repeat that success again, regardless. I’ve often contemplated how we would interpret Job if his lot had not been doubled, or even returned, at the end of the book. No comparisons with myself mind you. I am far from righteous.

    • Thanks for being a reader and for sharing the blog.

      Serial entrepreneurs are an interesting lot. Because the first business was a success is by no means a guarantee future businesses will be a success. This is also true of the opposite circumstance. Each business opportunity must stand on it own combined with the entrepreneur’s experience, motivation and commitment to the new venture. I may write about this.

  4. Charlie, I reserve the right to do all three: disagree, encourage, and share a story (if I have one that fits)! 😉

    I love the vision God has given you; the direction He has pointed you toward. You have “opened up” and are graciously sharing Charlie, and his God with the best of us. Cool.

    Be encouraged. Be thankful, that He has given you license, direction, and all the necessary gifts to complete the journey. Be expectant.

    GB, John

  5. I love that you make the time to write your own stories and they are real. Brilliant use of social media to include a tweet request in the body 🙂 I might have to steal that one!
    See you next week!

  6. Charlie,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughtfulness with us. Your willingness to share vulnerabilities along with relevant entrepreneurial coaching makes your writings compelling and credible. Thank you.

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