Announcing 15 Friday

Thoughts for Entrepreneurs on Business, Life, and Success

Thoughts strike me every week. It happens when I’m meeting with entrepreneurs, talking to fellow investors, or having dinner with Kathy. They aren’t stories. They are just thoughts God places in my head based on what I am experiencing right then. Some of these thoughts are new insights to me. Sometimes they are reminders of things I’ve forgotten. I hope you find these musings inspiring and encouraging.

1. As an entrepreneur, you can’t be in it just for yourself. If you are in it for others, then others will be in it for you.

2. Be incredibly magnanimous when engaging and involving others.

3. Stay in your lane. Be passionate. Unite people. Lead. Tell people your dream.

4. As an entrepreneur, never forget that people want to make, sell, and support things that have meaning to them personally.

5. How you do anything is how you do everything.

6. Every year you should do three new things. No more. No less.

7. In the military, we give medals to people who sacrifice for others. In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice for us.

8. It is the leader who sets the tone. It is akin to being a great parent.

9. As the founder, do you believe in headcount or heart count?

10. Leaders are called great because they make the sacrifice first.

11. The power of a leader is in personal authenticity. This is how leaders have influence.

12. You can easily identify a self-serving leader. They are concerned with the hierarchy.

13. Know what you know and know what you don’t know.

14. All your people must believe in the dream that is your vision AND what you are about to do to achieve it.

15. With experience, you get smarter. You’ve always had instincts. Now you have confidence born of experience!


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4 thoughts on “Announcing 15 Friday

  1. Good list. A good conversation starter list. Like “what are the three things you’re starting this year?” And, “was there a fourth you said no to?” And, what are your top five in this list?

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