12 Thoughts for God-Minded Entrepreneurs

12. I am powerless, but I am in God’s hands. That is the best place to be.

11. The entrepreneur plants, waters, and tends the field. God brings the harvest.

10. Occasionally God gets our attention by eliminating what is the focus of our attention and time.

9. If God wants you there, there you will be. The question then becomes: Why did God put you there?

8. God has a plan, so you never know where your work will take you or the destiny it will fulfill.

7. When I’m looking forward or back and become anxious, I say a prayer and ask God to bring me back to the present. He is in control, not me.

6. An entrepreneur can control risk, but he can only experience destiny. One is controlled by him and the other by God.

5. Don’t let your insecurities limit the Almighty.

4. Discontent can be God’s way of letting you know He has an exciting plan just waiting for you.

3. When faith meets initiative, God’s plan is about to happen. Watch out!

2. Life has taught me that God has me in a process. His journey. Never mine. This is a lesson I continue to learn.

1. When the dissatisfaction comes, trust the process. Step out and see what God does to bring you to your destiny.