10 Thoughts for Success in Life and Business. Plus Today’s Question.

10. When you finally commit to the startup, bad things inevitably happen, but the startup moves forward each day. Stay focused.

9. People want to make, sell, and support stuff that has meaning to them.

8. Football as compared to business and life: “Nothing matters less than the score at halftime,” Dabo Swinney.

7. Knowing who really owns the problem you are aiming to solve is critical to your business success.

6. You are blessed to be a blessing.

5. When the vision of the new you is more compelling than the vision of the old you, you make the change.

4. Entrepreneurs and angels must be advice seekers and listeners to achieve success. Somebody out there knows what you don’t know.

3. Companies that make sense make cents. The best investment is made when investing in a good story.

2. You can easily identify a self-serving leader. They are concerned with the hierarchy.

1. Today’s Question: Write your 2019 theme. Your inner voice wants to speak to you. Ask and listen. Review it often. What is your theme?