Thoughts on Being a Successful Entreprenuer

10. Impossible things are possible. Really. They just require breakthrough thinking combined with unheard of tenacity.

9. Achieving success is all about succeeding while maintaining who you are. Stay true to yourself and your values. That’s a win.

8. Not everyone is an entrepreneur. Cherish your calling.

7. The first day of the week is brand new. Forget last week. Focus on this week.

6. The problem with developing patience and discipline is it takes both of them to develop one of them.

5. There are degrees of uncertainty in entrepreneuring. The greatest uncertainty is what you don’t know.

4. Trying to control the outcome equals anxiousness which leads to drugs.

3. Don’t start a company by first planning to raise money.

2. Good experience comes from good judgment which comes from bad experience which comes from bad judgment.

1. Question of the day: Are you a creator or a sustainer? What about five years ago? Ten?