Thoughts on Entrepreneurial Success

From My Notebook

Here are a few thoughts from my notebook. 

10. If you are clear on your vision, you’ll come to a strategy which gets you to your vision.

9. Validate your technology: “Will it work?” and then, “Will it matter?”

8. The wise entrepreneur says, “I like learning how to do things.” Fulfillment and contentment do not come from money.

7. Entrepreneurial leaders give people purpose in life.

6. Life attracts life. Live it and speak it as an entrepreneur and leader.

5. Never let materialism get in the way of your destiny.

4. Money comes with values.

3. When you stand for nothing, you will settle for anything.

2. An entrepreneur can control risk, but he can only experience destiny. One is controlled by him and the other by God.

1. Every day we create life or create death. What are you creating today?