10 Thoughts on Evading Fatal Entrepreneurial Addictions

10. There are three addictions the entrepreneur must fight: funding, sales, and product.

9. The funding addict is consumed with raising the next round believing that will solve business problems.

8. The sales addict’s problem is out of control spending. As sales increase, hiring increases right along with it.

7. The sales addict never gets to profitability. They ultimately sell their way out of business and eventually a job.

6. The sales-addicted entrepreneur proclaims, “We have lots of activity in the pipeline. I have one deal that will put us at a whole new level!”

5. Addicted to sales, they keep losing money with the hope that one day sales will go through the roof and all will be well.

4. The product addict believes the lie, “If you build it, they will come.”

3. The excuse of the product addict is, “If we get the product right, the market will light up.”

2. The first step for the addict entrepreneur is to admit his addiction. More funding, more sales, or a more fully-featured product will not result in a more valuable company.

1. Now get to work with your team and plan for your company’s success!