Thoughts on God, Entrepreneurship, and Priorities

From My Notebook

Every day the list of things I need to do is long. But what needs to be done and what is most urgent are often at war. This war is won when I combine the long view with immediate disclipline. Doing the important but not urgent work means I am on purpose. Here are 10 things to consider when framing your priorities for the week.

10. Every week you should list your three greatest challenges. These are your startup’s priorities for the week.

9. The secret to successfully building a great company is to treat people right and inspire them all the way to success.

8. Every dollar spent in a startup should be used to build value. Saving money is not the CEO’s job.

7. To live for money is sin. To be drawn to money is temptation.

6. Be willing to NOT get the credit for what you do. If God wants you to get the credit, don’t worry, you will.

5. Successful people have a platform and a megaphone. What is your message, and whom do you represent?

4. Invest in what you know, not what you don’t know. This is sound advice for angel investors, too.

3. An apology ending with “but…” is not an apology.

2. The professional uses preparation to deliver what the amateur over-promises.

1. Prioritizing for the week is good. Prioritizing for the year is better. Prioritizing for eternity is best.

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