Thoughts on Success Especially for Entrepreneurs

From My Notebook

Here are 10 thoughts on finding success in your mission to build a great company.

10. The first day of the week is brand new. Forget last week. Focus on this week.

9. Definition of a business you can be proud of: “I want to be able to tell my mother what I do and have her understand it.”

8. The power of a leader is in personal authenticity. This is how leaders have influence.

7. There is a tight correlation between the way you run your household and the way you run your company. Change one and the other should follow.

6. Be magnanimous in engaging and involving others.

5. Positive cash flow is the stuff dreams are made of. You will sleep well knowing the payroll is covered every month and you will be paid, too!

4. All your people must believe in the vision as well as your path to achieving it.

3. The time we are most vulnerable to a bad decision is right after a great success.

2. The great entrepreneur knows when to spend time on ideas and when to spend time with people.

1. Startups don’t die when they run out of money. They die when the entrepreneur runs out of energy.