Make Next Year Even Better

From My Notebook

Just days from now a new year begins. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be successful. Here are a few thoughts that keep coming up as we head into next year. Keep your own journal. The thoughts God gives you should not be wasted because of forgetfulness.

10. Do everything to the best of your ability. Set a personal standard of excellence. You may not always be the best, but you can be your best.

9. Serve others by helping them achieve their dreams. This is a wonderful legacy.

8. Family first. You can’t take your money to heaven, but you can take your wife and kids to heaven with you.

7. Review your priorities. Stand for something that will endure the test of time.

6. Live in total forgiveness. The greater the hurt, the greater the injustice, the greater the blessing when you forgive.

5. The power of a leader is in their personal authenticity. This is how leaders have influence.

4. You can’t be in it just for yourself. If you are in it for others, they will be in it for you.

3. I want to be inspired by my work! Your work life should become your life work.

2. There will be a time when your best is not good enough. This is the reality of life. Live with no regrets. Keep pushing forward.

  1. Today’s Question: A good story involves a character who has to change to get what he wants, and they always have a guide. What is your story? Who is your guide?