Uganda Final Report

When God Takes Over, the Amazing Happens

Kathy and I just finished speaking to 10,000 young entrepreneurs at the Youth Ablaze Conference 2017 in Uganda. This was quickly followed by a leadership workshop for the Hands of Love leadership team. Ugandans are hard workers. It was a challenge for us to maintain their pace.

It is difficult for me to describe the excitement of the conference using only words. The video shows the main venue and the energy of the conference.

What Happened

Looking back, I can see how God used this conference.

  1. Many received Jesus as their personal Lord and personal Savior
  2. Many repented and recommitted their lives to Christ
  3. All were commissioned by God as kingdom minded entrepreneurs
  4. We witnessed miracles. The supernatural is real and visible in Uganda
  5. Kathy and I are closer to our Lord than ever before

I believe these young men and women have the tools and motivation to create new businesses. Almost all of these startups will be one or two man companies. But who knows what God will do with these humble servants. Some might even become bigger businesses. In either case, families will be fed, and communities will be transformed economically and spiritually. All because these men and women attended Youth Ablaze 2017.

What They Learned

Here are the speeches Kathy and I gave. Each of these topics came through prayer. The content was created mostly this week. Even if I had prepared remarks, I felt the Holy Spirit take over. His message was delivered with clarity and impact as only the Holy Spirit can do.

  • Repent! God Will Heal Your Nations
  • Move from Entrepreneur to Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur
  • The Two Greatest Secrets of Success
  • Building Relationships with Impact
  • Seeing the Unseeable—Discover Authentic Demand
  • How to Know Your Business Idea Is Ready for Prime Time

Kathy spoke to the women (and I know the men listened in).

  • Choosing a Godly Man
  • Lasting Marriage Relationships
  • Godly Mother, Godly Children, and What I’ve Learned

The Leadership Workshop

On Saturday, I facilitated a leadership workshop for sixty of the ministry’s leadership team. I was joined by Pastor Elijah as my co-facilitator. He took the concepts I related and gave them an immediate application. It was a terrific workshop.

In the morning: Great Leaders Are Public Speakers—the key elements of speaking in front of a group

In the afternoon: Servant-Leadership Defined and Applied for Fast Growth Organizations


These people keep a tough schedule. They meet just once a year, and they “leave everything on the field.” More importantly, they expect the same of their guest speakers. Anything we had, they now have. Only God could pull that much out of us.

Surprisingly, we are not tired. God answered your prayers for us. This is just one miracle of the conference.

If you are ever called on to do this, do it. It will change your life and the lives of thousands. It will give you a chance to share what you have learned and how you learned it. Like me, you probably don’t realize all you have stored in you which can benefit so many up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Pastor Elijah said to me, “You have degrees from many universities.” Not sure what he was talking about, I asked him to explain.

“You have degrees in marriage, raising children, addiction, repentance, entrepreneuring, and more,” he said.

Dear readers, you have a story, too, which includes the same such degrees. Share when asked. Experience shared is experience applied.

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5 thoughts on “Uganda Final Report

  1. What a wonderful report! It sounds like God really used you in a powerful way. So much better to spend our years with impactful trips like this as opposed to working on our golf game.

    • I agree. I tried for years to become a better golfer. I never got there. There is a big lie we all believe as golfers…the more we practice the better we’ll get. The diminishing point of return is reached far too quickly for most of us. But when we share our lives and lessons learned to the next generation, you know God will do great things with them as He is glorified.

    • Thanks Todd. I am trying to get comfortable with video. You are my “video midwife!” Thanks for the coaching and, more importantly, your prayers.

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