Uganda Update

Charlie and Kathy are speaking to over 9,000 men and women ages 15 to 35 at the 2017 Youth Ablaze Conference in Uganda. The theme of the conference is “Igniting Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs.” Here is Charlie’s update.

I just finished two talks. The first day of the Youth Ablaze Conference is in the books. The talks went great. But more on that later.

Chastised by My Friend

The highlight of the day for Kathy and me was prayer with Pastor Elijah. We arrived at the conference about 11 am.

Pastor Elijah asked, “Are you ready?”

“I am confused,” I said.

He immediately pulled Kathy and me into his office to pray, but before we prayed, he gave us a powerful mini-sermon.

“Whatever follows the words ‘I am’ in a sentence will call on the power of God or the power of Satan. By telling me you are confused, you are telling me Satan is controlling you. You may not understand something, but you are not confused. There is no confusion in the Kingdom of God,” he said.

I started to think about my day to that point. I was full of “I am” followed by…

  • short of time
  • lacking creativity
  • not ready (the list goes on)

But I am giving into Satan when I make those types of negative “I am” statements. As a servant of God, I have all the time I need. I am creative because I am a servant of the author of creativity. And I am always ready because He makes me ready.

This powerful revelation gave me fresh faith and strength in Him.

The Two Talks I Gave

The first talk was focused on repentance, getting right with God right from the beginning of the conference. The whole place stood up to repent and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The second talk laid out my vision for these amazing young men and women. I discussed the upcoming topics and asked them to picture their fiftieth birthday.

I said, “When you step out of your house, will you like what you see? Over the next thirty years, God will be working through you to create the new Uganda. Did you do your part?”

Standing Ovation in Appreciation

I also told them about you, dear reader. They now know you, our financial donors and our intercessory prayer team in America. They gave you a standing ovation. Your partnership is greatly appreciated.

Prayers Needed for Day Two

Tomorrow Kathy speaks on “Finding a Godly Husband.” Then I will follow with two talks, one at lunch time and the other at 6 pm. The first is “What It Means to be a Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur” and the second is “The 5 Character Traits of a Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur.”

Please continue to pray. I need sleep and energy. Last night, I just couldn’t sleep. I had a total of two hours. Rough Day.

Thank you for all the continued prayers. We could not do this with out them.


Charlie and Kathy P.