They Walk For Days To Attend; What Will Inspire Their Hearts?

Kathy and I are on our way to Uganda this week. The purpose of the trip is to speak at the Kampala International Christian Center’s Youth Ablaze Conference. There are over 6,500 people registered ranging in age from 15 to 35. The theme of the 2015 conference is “Igniting Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs.”

I am the keynote speaker this year. My topic is Becoming a Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur. The conference is five full days and nights. I will be speaking two times per day for four days with a summary on the last day.

Struggling to Discover God’s Will

I confess to you that I have been struggling with this teaching series. Struggling mightily.

To get me started on this topic I brought together a group of friends over dinner, all entrepreneurs and Christians, to discuss what it means to be a Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur.

Nothing like a good meal with good friends to get the ball rolling. I led the discussion and ended the evening with 12 pages of notes and a prayer from my friends of “Godspeed.” I was still on my own.

Then for the next several weeks, I prayed every day. I asked God to speak to me. To give me ideas and topics. To give me insights and outlines. To speak to me audibly, in dreams, through others and through his Word, the Bible. I took more notes.

Every day there were new ideas. I wrote them all down and collected them. Some days I was pumped and confident, but most days I felt lost. That feeling you get when you begin believing you have nothing to say and don’t know where to start to say it.

My friend Gregg told me he isn’t worried. He likes to paraphrase Samuel Johnson, “Nothing focuses the mind like an impending hanging.” Well the hanging date is fast approaching, and I am getting dribs and drabs. But another thing is happening to me which is providing some encouragement.

Having Faith God Will Provide

Just when I think I have no idea where to go with this series of talks, God steps in and says, “What about this?” Just yesterday it happened again.

You see God knows the audience I’ll be speaking to. In fact, he selected me to present. He selected the topic. And most importantly, he selected each attendee. Some of them have been walking for a week just to get to the conference. This conference is that important to them.

These are people who come from nothing and have nothing and will return to nothing. They are looking for two meals a day, clean water, and a mat to sleep on. They are looking for hope and answers for a better life.

The question I am asking myself is this, “Can I provide hope to these people? What can I share from my experience which will influence them to build a better life and future for Uganda?” These young men and women are the hope of their nation. Close to 70% of the nation is under 21 years old. HIV/AIDS ravages the population. Polygamy is common.

Developing a Big Plan with Great Risk

I will begin the presentations on Monday, August 25th. Here is the high-level approach I have so far.

For the first day of the conference, I will give an overview of the topic to get them engaged. The next two and one-half days will include a local telling his or her story on how they came from nothing and became a Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur.

There will be two ministers, two businessmen and an educator speaking. I will provide a setup on the elements of Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurship before they speak and a summary after. These living examples will change lives.

In the last two sessions I will continue to teach on the elements of Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurship. I will also invite people from the audience to come forward and share with their peers what God has spoken to them during the conference. How they plan to go from their current circumstances to becoming a Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur and break free.

My hope is the audience will be filled with hope and ignited for change. My prayer is that we all might be a part of God’s work as he changes the nation of Uganda for his glory.

Trusting the God I Love

This is a big plan with great risk. It is, in effect, a one week workshop for 6,500 people with one facilitator. I have to believe it is God’s plan. It is too big to be my plan. It is the plan he gave me. I also believe, when I seek God, he doesn’t give me plans which will lead to failure and embarrassment but to success and transformation.

After all, we serve a loving God who wants each of us to be in a personal relationship with Him. To be with him forever and to serve him until we get there. This is the God I love and trust.

The next couple of weeks I’ll update you on what happened. Stay tuned and please pray for us and the conference attendees.