Why I Love Entrepreneurs

...And You Should, Too

I was sitting on the beach appreciating all the entrepreneurs I know. Then I tapped this post out on my phone.

I love entrepreneurs because…

1. They can answer the question, “Why are you doing this?” when normal people stopped asking themselves “Why?” a long time ago.

2. They lose themselves in their work. Every day is about the vision and not about them.

3. They are a mirror which reflects the best in life. Hope.

4. Their tank is filled with idealism which they burn without regard to any rational productivity measurement.

5. They don’t need acceptance. They write you off if you don’t get what they are doing. You are the wrong guy as they insist they have the right idea.

6. They are loyal to their idea and their people. This is true to a fault on both counts.

7. They have a glint in their eye that says, “I’m on to something that is going to be great.” It makes you feel like you are missing out.

8. Getting money from a customer is not so much revenue as it is another convert to the entrepreneur’s idea.

9. They live life full throttle. Lifestyle plays little role in their calling.

10. They are really smart and interesting. They want to know. They want to learn. They want to apply.

11. They promise and fail and promise and fail and never believe they ever failed. The expression “It will all work out in the end, and if it didn’t work out then it just isn’t the end yet” is their living motto.

12. They believe a dollar is only worth a dollar unless you give it to them. Then it will be worth a heck of a lot more.

13. They are in relentless pursuit, day in and day out, of whatever it is they are pursuing.

14. They are fun to be around. They are charming and engaging all the time except when you cross them. Then they are ruthless and vengeful.

15. They can’t stop starting. Rest is work.

16. They believe the human condition can always be improved, and they are called to improve it.

17. They think small businesses are stupid. Why waste your time with them? Build something great and impactful.

18. They don’t understand generating cash flow. They are in a relentless pursuit of revenue growth at any cost.

19. Profit is for the weak in spirit. They are difference makers who solve big problems. Profits will be there in abundance once we get there.

20. They are Plan A people with never a thought to Plans B and C.

21. They are macro thinkers and micro doers. They believe startups are boring. Building greatness is what they are all about.

Thanks to all my entrepreneur friends for being true to the way God made you!

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Entrepreneurs

  1. Amen. These are the reasons I feel so abundantly blessed to be surrounded by entrepreneurs. #15 resonates all to well.

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