How God Orchestrated a Phenomenal Week with Thousands Giving Their Lives to Jesus

This week Kathy and I finished speaking at the Youth Ablaze 2016 conference in Uganda. The prayer, the praise, the excitement, the speakers were all led by the Holy Spirit. It was the hardest week I have ever experienced and the most rewarding.

Inspiring Personal Stories

Kathy and I have made 8,900 new friends and now brothers and sisters in Christ. They are the generation which will transform Uganda and all the other African nations from which the attendees came.

On the last day of the conference, there were two testimonies that particularly stood out. One man, Joseph, was inspired by God to become an entrepreneur after the 2013 conference. He now has a successful business and contributed $400 to this year’s conference with a pledge to double that amount each year until there are no more conferences or he is dead.

The other was William. He translated for Kathy’s talk in 2013 and said, “After hearing Ms. Kathy’s talk, my life was never the same.” He also heard me say, “Entrepreneurs are risk takers.” He decided to take a risk and now has two stores and a service business.

We’re Running Hard

I had seven presentations to finalize and prepare and Kathy had two. They drove us back and forth from the hotel to the convention twice daily battling Atlanta-like traffic. By the end of each day, we were exhausted. We did it but only by God’s strength.

In prayer, I received a message from God which was “Getting Out of Poverty.” God taught me so much about poverty during my preparation and presentation time. It has been an amazing personal experience.

Pastor Elijah’s ministry is to the poor. He was raised in abject poverty, but he got out of it. He loves and relates so well to the people God has called him to serve. He insists on Biblically-based positive and uplifting messages which are filled with practical advice. This is what I did.

Getting Out of Poverty

My final talk on “Seeing and Seizing Opportunity” outlined a process to self sustainability. First comes education and work, then an apprenticeship that eventually leads to entrepreneurship.

I am prayerfully hopeful if people listen to God, take on Jesus’ yoke, overcome their obstacles and practice this process, they too will get out of poverty.

Thank you for your prayers and financial contributions. Your money was leveraged by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God. Many came to know the Lord, and many began to get out of poverty. I am confident a new nation and a new legacy is being created though what God accomplished in Youth Ablaze 2016.

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